Exotic Pets

Exotic pets are more popular than ever. At Lakeside Animal Hospital our veterinarians are able to cater to your exotic pet’s needs.

Our veterinarians are well versed in the care of many species, including avian, reptiles and small mammals. Animals such as birds often conceal their illnesses, so it is highly recommended that you bring your exotic pet in for a check-up twice a year to make sure they are healthy. Also, when you first get your exotic pet, it is recommended that you take them to a veterinary check-up right away. This ensures that the pet you are bringing home is healthy.

If your exotic pet needs intensive care or hospitalization, be sure that your veterinarian is equipped with what they need specifically for exotic pets. At Lakeside Animal Hospital, we have the equipment, training, and know-how to treat your exotic pet. 

The staff at Lakeside Animal Hospital looks forward to helping you provide the care and advice you need to give your pet a long and healthy life. Give us a call today to set up your appointment!